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Enable visibility and traceability of mobile objects for creating business values

Global Positioning System (GPS) has been widely adopted by military, government, enterprise, and consumer for various location-based and real-time tracking applications. We offer professional consulting, design and development services to determine total IT solution that can best leverage GPS tracking and mobile communications technologies together with our software and hardware development capabilities.

We help businesses conceptualize their ideas, develop the solutions, then build and implement the applications. By working together we can preserve your internal resources, allowing you to stay focused on your core competencies, ensuring your project's success, and reducing your time to profitability.

A typical example of on-street application, fleet management might be what you are looking for to automate vehicle fleet management and streamline daily operations.

Indoor GPS or other location-based tracking systems is a new era of technology for applications of location-based businesses engaging with their visitors. Shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, subways, airports, museums, theme parks and more can use our solution to build and maintain mobile apps that take advantage of GPS and other location-aware technologies. These may include:

  • Integration with vendor information helps attendees explore nearby concession offerings in a theme park.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to departments, brands, and products make shopping fun & easy in a shopping mall.
  • Knowing a customer's in-store location allows for relevant & timely offers in a retail store.
  • Access to in-app flight information means no more crowding around monitors in an airport.
  • Integration with staff directories helps patients put names with faces in a hospital.
  • Track and trace the mobile assets or cargo containers for quick and accurate dispatches.
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