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Increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs

Our software applications allow you, not only to manage everyone and everything seamlessly, but also to reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

The systems operate via mobile devices that can incorporate a barcode scanner providing you with real time data capture. You can log hours worked, pinpoint vehicle locations and track stock by the minute.

Your team's productivity will increase, with associated cost savings. Inventory control will improve, with an accurate and up-to-date supply chain life-cycle from warehouse to customer.

Communications between field teams and head office will also improve, and you will have clear audit trails. The advantages keep on coming; fewer paper transactions, less time spent on site, less potential for error or fraud, and a clear return on investment.

We aim to provide cutting-edge technology with unique solutions for customers in different industries; our robust suite of applications can be integrated easily with your existing business systems. Harnessing the power of mobility, classic mobile enterprise management solutions target at addressing your business needs including but not limited to Assets Tracking, Field Services, Courier Services, Logistics Management, Merchandising, and Surveying.

You would gain the following key benefits by mobilizing your business:

  • Improved customer's satisfaction
  • Accelerated inspection and repair processes in the field
  • Enhanced operational visibility
  • Enhanced corporate image - deployment of latest mobile technology
  • Elimination of errors in verbal and written communications
  • Automated workflow has resulted in increase in productivity
  • Accurate and real-time information on job status, collection and delivery
  • Increased inventory turns due to accurate demand profile
  • Shortened sales order lead time from a week to a day
  • Improved management visibility of sales activities and operational efficiencies
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